Kimberly J Han


This website was built for you to learn more about my story, schedule a coaching call, or follow my passion projects.


After being an Argentine Tango teacher for most of my adult life, I "broke into tech" and felt the giddy excitement of “success”; getting consistent promotions, growing global communities, and even invited to speak at conferences and teach at Stanford. This rush didn’t last long. Even though I did well in my roles, the more I chased society’s (or my parents’) definition of success, the less fulfilled I felt. Almost exactly when I changed my definition of “success” to what MY definition was, I broke every profit record on my sales team at Square, turned down a 5th promotion offer in 2 years, and left.

I then sought out therapy, mentors, coaching teachers, hundreds of workshops and talks, and shifted my priorities from what I "should" do to what makes me feel alive. I have since followed every passion that fluttered, explored some of the most self-defined “successful” relationships with work, friends, family, romance, and creative endeavors I’ve ever experienced, began to love and accept myself, my body, heartbreak, and my ADHD in a way I never thought previously possible, and have been helping many others on their journeys as well.

I especially love helping people reset life priorities, set firm and compassionate boundaries, learn empathy-based skills that can help you drive sales/business, and skillful authentic communication which can help with negotiation.