I do many things because I love everything I do.

I'm currently coaching and consulting in community building, communication, relationships, and integrity, while working at an executive leadership development company to help leaders become more aware of their own behavior patterns.

For 2 years, I trained ~50 global chapter leaders to grow multiple communities around the world for Consciousness Hacking. I also led operations, sales, marketing, partnerships, events, and community at Consciousness Hacking while teaching and writing curriculum for Business Communication/Sales at MissionU (acquired by WeWork in 2018).

Prior to that, I was the top-profit-grossing business development rep at Square while singing with the Square Registers (an a-capella group) every Wednesday in the yoga studio after lunch, occasionally bartending at a bar next to the office, and growing a weekly community from 8-3000 people in San Francisco, running hundreds of events, conferences, and workshops over the years.

I've spoken at conferences such as the Sharing Summit at Lehigh University, taught entrepreneurship to teens at Stanford, and led community building workshops for community builders and have been invited to speak/present at HAAS Berkeley School of Business and the Sports and Consciousness Conference. I've run hundreds of events (including sales events, cultural salons, crypto or insurance-related conferences), and have trained community builders to grow multiple communities around the world.

For what's left of my free time, I work on martial arts, poetry, rap, and dancing to the sunset.