Community Building Testimonials

"When I go to Kim‘s events, I know that she’ll have anticipated needs I didn’t even know I had. I know that I can count on her to be honest and straightforward, and to receive my own honesty with gratitude."

- Rachel Ratliff, J.D.

Founder and Executive Director of HeartLab

Executive Producer of TEDxSOMA

“Kim knows more about forming amazing communities than anyone I’ve met. She breathes and lives by it, is both deeply empathetic and effective. If you want the expert who’s put the 10,000 hours, and can make it happen, that’s her.”

- Thibault Duchemin

Co-Founder and CEO of Ava

"Kim is the best community builder I know. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in many of the communities she’s built, including Consciousness Hacking and Salon, both reaching the thousands of people. Her ability to positively influence those around her, and build connections, is world class. She holds some of the highest integrity that I’ve seen in someone. Both the people and processes are in a better place for any project she touches. If I am building a community or company culture, I want her to shape it directly or at least advise as it scales. Kim attracts people who are kind and curious. Being part of these communities have made me feel like a have a second home or extended family."

- Dan Seider

CEO and Founder of Misu

“Few people can impact a city from the ground up the way Kim Han has. She is a community organizer who weaves together beautiful worlds of connection. She knows what it takes to create containers of common ground and safety, and is a guide to helping people trust in their own inner wisdom. She is a leader who walks the talk. Around her, we connect out, and we connect in.”

- Albert Wong, PhD

Director of Somatic Psychology, JFK University

Founder of Somatopia

"I've met thousands of people over the course of my career, and I've never seen anyone connect and engage people the way Kim does. She's built, grown, and run multiple communities internationally, including OneSalon and Consciousness Hacking, and has trained and coached dozens of leaders to begin their own communities. When I moved to SF, whenever I met someone new, if we only had one person in common, it was almost invariably Kim."

- Alisa Tantraphol

Director of Philanthropic Engagement, Magnify Community