Coaching Testimonials

"Kimberly is one of the most powerful human beings I have ever met. With Kim's support I quit my job and went into my passion full-time, and I've never been happier. I've had the great privilege of witnessing her be a master facilitator in both large-scale events as well as a weekly peer coaching group. She has an uncanny ability to sense when I am being inauthentic, often before I'm consciously aware, and compassionately calls me into being a more authentic version of myself. She is an embodied leader and coach who constantly inspires me to be more and do more for both myself and the people around me. If you're looking for a coach who has undeniably done the work and transformed her life, book a session with Kim. You won't regret it."

- Joseph J Lam

Co-Founder of Parents are Human

"Kim is an integrity illuminator. She has helped me develop the practice of meeting myself with self-compassion to discern embodied direction. From that place, I feel enabled to take practical steps forward in whatever my current life's experiments might be, with her gentle intensity holding me accountable. She holds the space necessary to actively feel shift together, noticing more of my true self revealed after each encounter. Our relationship is dynamic - her role ever-changing to meet me. Kim creates and questions in alignment with where I am today, not who I was yesterday. As a process junkie, I often find myself stuck in loops of making the perfect plan. Kim reminds me that life is relational, and my body is smart, and intuitive. I've learned that if I can slow myself down enough to act in accordance with what my body is telling me, there is such liberation in uncertainty."

- Skylar Bantley

Former School Partnership Manager, Wayfinder

Former Head of Admissions, Year-On

"Kim has an incredible knack for picking up subtle moments as entry points for powerful transformative and healing moments. She challenges with the utmost desire to see you thrive, heal, and grow. Working with her for the past 16 months is probably one of the most trajectory-changing decisions I’ve made for myself. If you are serious about creating metamorphosis in your life, I can’t recommend Kim highly enough to help catalyze your journey."

- Brandon Lee

Head of Operations, Searchlight Technologies

Co-Founder, Orenda Education Initiative

"Rarely do you come across a natural coach who is as talented as Kimberly. She has a strong self-awareness and her somatic intuition is highly developed. I have worked with her in a CLG group and also as a communication coach for my husband and myself.  She is warm, funny, and empathetic and always available to support group members when they need it the most. Kim is very attuned to the dynamics playing out between individuals and in conversation. She is great at creating a safe space for difficult conversations to take place and ensures that all parties feel heard and complete.  I am grateful for the support I have received from Kim and highly recommend her as both a coach and a group facilitator."

- Melissa Benaroya, LICSW

Family Coaching and Education

Founder, Childproof Parenting

"Kimberly is a gem. Open, vulnerable, honest, FUN, generous, curious and insightful. As a coach, she listens carefully, asks the questions that get to the heart of the matter, and skillfully guides clients toward a greater understanding of what’s serving them and what beliefs or practices might benefit from a closer look or shift. Her willingness to speak truth and ability to hold everyone she works with accountable for their words and actions is truly unique. She is well versed in the techniques and attitudes required for leading and living consciously, and enthusiastically brings her whole self to inspire this consciousness in others. "

- Marcy Porus-Gottlieb

CEO, Executive Coach, Business Strategy Consultant

Marcy P. G. Consulting

"Hiring Kimberly Han as my coach may have been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life; financially, socially, career-wise, and relationally. She has helped me show up in the way I want to show up. As a skilled sales consultant and community organizer, we’ve worked on everything from getting to sleep on time, to manifesting financial abundance, to asking people for money, to setting boundaries, to sharing with the world about what I most want to create. In one session, we might work on embodying my fears and taking that to go straight into writing a marketing post together. She also focuses on teaching me how to be my own coach. She shows me that the things we do together, I can do myself."

- David Hu

Former Lead Software Engineer, Khan Academy